Now for Android and Linux

It put up a good fight, but I've finally defeated "put it on android" hurdle.  This version includes some UI updates as well, it wasn't clear what building you had selected before, now there is a small preview panel that pops up to show you what you have selected.

I have another UI system in mind.  I already have the coding set up for base upgrades which spawn the two new units mentioned in my last Devlog.  I intend to set up your build options like a hand of cards to avoid cluttering up the UI as they are expanded, this also opens up the possibilities of adding in direct damage cards, repair cards, cards which let you influence tiles outside of your zone of control, and special unit cards which spawn large JuggerBots.  The JuggerBots are still in early concept stages.

I wanted to get this Android version up before getting back to work, which is what I am off to now.


RDG's BotBattle for Linux 67 MB
Apr 14, 2018
RDG's BotBattle for Android 63 MB
Apr 14, 2018

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