UI Update Taking Shape

The new UI is coming along, there are still some more things I need to implement before it will be ready to go into the prototype.  I liked the randomness of cards, but cards generally come in hands of seven and I didn't want to have that many available at a time.  4 or 5 feels more appropriate, but that would feel small for a hand of cards.  Also, since Versus mode is probably going to be only local for a while still, players can see each other's hands.   So I went with these boxes instead.  When you click on one, a tooltip will popup to tell you about it and then it functions like one of the current buttons for selecting buildings.  When you build something, I want to have the box fly over to the map and open up to reveal the new structure.  Then that box is gone.  You can also destroy one box to keep the other player from using it on their turn.  Boxes have the added bonus of not carrying that expectation of privacy you would have with a hand of cards.

This might take a bit longer to get it to work the way I want it to, but I wanted to post this Devlog to keep anyone interested updated, and also so the project wouldn't be mistaken for a short lived passion project.

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