Android Wrestling

This session's progress tackled several hurdles between me and getting this onto the android.  I also added another map and make some minor adjustments.

There are still a few more adjustments I need to check before I will put that up.  By default the program asks for a bunch of permissions it doesn't need, even down to asking if it can make outgoing calls.  I need to adjust that, but I'm running into a hardware issue where my phone's charge port is old and tired and lacks the will to give me a stable connection to my PC, so I can't use my game design program, Unity, to test the game on my phone.  I need to build the whole thing and download it to my phone every time I want to check something.  Fortunately, my device is insured, I have put in a request for a replacement and it should be here tomorrow.  Further work on the Android version will be halted until it arrives.  I feel like I've already gotten through most of the difficult part of putting it on Android and once I am able to return to it, it should only take one session.  I can get it to run on my phone, I have a camera for it which I expect will work, but testing on the phone is just costs too much time for now.

The new level is twice as long as the first two.  It also includes a few entirely blockable routes.  The AI seems to struggle to get going in that one, I feel like one solution to better balance it would be to add an extra resource node to the enemy side if you are playing single player.  Ideally, I suppose it would be best to split up the single player and multiplayer maps.  I think a worthy goal is to shoot for 3 or 4 balanced versus maps and no less than a dozen single player maps to work your way through.  That would give me an opportunity to put in some narrative.

Narrative is yet vague.

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Apr 11, 2018

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