First Prototype

Hello Everyone,

My name is Justin Land.  I am the guy who made this game.  Or more appropriately, I am the guy who is making this game.  The main concept of this game is a versus tower defense where each player also send waves out to attack the enemy.  This first prototype is releasing as a 2-player game with a completely balanced map.  During testing I found an unexpected level of depth to the system.  The AI Robos move towards the nearest enemy structures, because of this, you can use clever placement of structures to lure enemy Robos where you want them to go.  If have had great fun working on this game, and I hope you and a friend will have great fun developing novel strategies against one another.  Many changes are planned, but I wanted to share this prototype with anyone who might enjoy it.  Have fun!

Justin A. Land, RoboDudeGames

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Apr 09, 2018

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